"I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me."       Philippians 4:13

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September 16, 1926

Cheryl's Corner:

Don't look at the big picture and focus on what you think you haven't overcome, look at the small steps and realize the strength that you've gained just since yesterday. Each day will bring new peace as you travel your journey.


                Cheryl Herbert


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Stress Relief

Essential oils are often inhaled to relax the body or provide stress relief. They’re also used to boost mood.

demo Chamomile: Used to reduce anxiety

Lavender: Used to promote sleep and reduce anxiety and fear

Geranium: Used to reduce stress and treat skin problems

Bergamot: Used to lift mood


Widowhood: The Statistics

Every married couple will face widowhood at some point in time. It is a fact that few want to face or accept. Widowhood is real, it hurts, and  it's tough. The goal is to be prepared for when that time comes.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were over 950,000 widows and over 400,000 widowers in 2010. Over 32% of women were over age 55 and over 9% of men were over age 55.

These are real numbers, and with God's grace, guidance and love, we can help one another!

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Holding On

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Music is a necessary ingredient in a person's life. Check out the music that Cheryl wants toWriting Music share with you! It will help you during your healing process and give you encouragement as you see God working in your life. Click on the picture to go to our music page.


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 Bridging the Gap on the Wings of Angels ~ The Widow and Widower's Journey
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